Welcome to BlackStarr Entertainment London.  We have built strategic partnerships with major brands within the industry to create opportunities across our operating markets within:

  • Video Modelling
  • Event Hosting
  • Dance/Performing Arts
  • Event Managers
  • Photo/Videographer
  • Security/Close Protection
  • Venue Hires

Job Board Service

Media platforms/brands, event organizers and private clients are welcome to advertise resourcing requirements for upcoming events, functions, etc. on our Jobs Board (roles must be for a minimum of two hours). No need for flights, hotels or hotel transfers. It’s a simple arrangement to give you the best value! To benefit from this great service, please describe your person/job specification and details of the role and email us at

We advertise the roles to our database of affiliated workforce which includes top video models and event hosts, reputable photo/videographers, event managers, venues for hire, security staff and other industry personnel validated by us. We send you a shortlist of the best fit based on your requirements and invite you to secure the booking.

***Note: To secure the booking we will ask for a non-refundable deposit of 100GBP which is deducted from the total cost. Refunds will only be considered in the event that the booked of no shows or gross misconduct (for booked personnel only. or cancellations in the case of venue hires)


Below are the standard rates for the services described above:

Role Hourly Rate (GBP) Minimum Booking
Video Model 100 2 hours
Hosting 80 3 hours
Dancers 200 2 hours
Event Managers 100 2 hours
Videographer 150 3 hours
Security/Close Protection 200 2 hours
Club Venue Hire 1500 (120 capacity in central London location) 5 hours
Studio Hire 200 (50 capacity) 4 hours


For all enquiries please email or contact us via

      • Telephone: (+44) 7804 921 324
      • Whatsapp:  (+44) 7804 921 324
      • SnapChat: @bstarrnawties
      • Twitter: @bstarrnawties
      • Instagram: @blackstarrworld @blackstarrmuzik @blackstarrpremieres